Part Exchanging Your VW Audi Seat Skoda Porsche at Volkswizard.
We are always willing to consider well cared for VW Group cars with FSH in part exchange whether it be an Lupo or an RS4. We've purchased many cars from people by bettering their part exchange offers from other dealers and we always endeavour to be fair on valuations against our own cars especially if it's a model that we make a conscious effort to stock such as any Golf GTI, Audi TT, Audi S3, Skoda VRS models, any TDI etc. We can't usually compete with what you'd get selling privately but if you've ever attempted a private sale, you will know that not having to go through the stress and risk involved in this does have a value.
Part Exchanging Your Non-VW Group vehicle at Volkswizard.
We are very happy to consider non-VW Group cars in part exchange but it does depend what you have got and what we are selling. We will generally always be happy to take any make and model with a part exchange value of up to £1000, cars in excess of this figure are still worth asking about if in good condition with a full service history. Alternatively you could secure our car with a small deposit and have up to 2 weeks to sell your own car and if it doesn't sell, accept our px offer. We will generally match or beat any valuation from the on-line vehicle purchase services, why not get a valuation from them, forward the email to us and ask us to match or beat it?
The only way we can offer am accurate valuation is for you to complete a valuation form (link below) and ideally email us some good quality images - take a look at cars that we are selling to see the kind of information we need. The more detail we have the more accurate our value will be. Don't be afraid to advise us of any work that needs doing whether it be body or mechanical as we will have to adjust values on seeing the car if these are not disclosed in advance - you may be surprised at how little this affects the value. Please note that the price we offer is a trade price and we can't compete with what a private sale would yield but in many cases the difference between our value and what you'd get selling it yourself will be negligible once all the associated costs have been taken into account.
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