Why sell or part exchange your vehicle with Volkswizard?

  • Unlike online car buying services, we offer genuinely fair prices for good examples of models we seek to buy

  • We are happy to settle any outstanding finance and pay any balance directly to you

  • We can come to your home or work, or you are of course welcome to visit us at our premises near J3 M42

  • A polite, professional service is the only way we work

  • We take pride in offering a very quick decision (subject to receiving the required information)

  • There is no security risk - you will only ever deal with proprietor Andrew Chapple directly

  • Cars are valued individually, not simply by a 'book' so we can often pay more for well cared for sought after cars

  • Cherished number plate transfers taken care of if required

  • Payment sent securely - full payment will be made before collection by FASTER PAYMENTS directly to your bank account

  • We are fully insured for test drives and always carry the required certificate to prove this. Your car will be driven by Andrew Chapple who is an experienced driver, familiar with the vehicle type and who will not drive irresponsibly or dangerously.

  • We are realistic about condition and don't mind doing any servicing/repairs or cosmetic fettling necessary, to cars that justify the effort

  • All sales are on an 'as seen', we wont expect any redress should problems occur after sale (as they often can do).

  • We welcome good VW Group vehicles in part exchange but other dealers may not so if you are considering part exchanging your car elsewhere then you may be able to strike a better deal on your new car if you negotiate without a part exchange.

  • We ALWAYS pay more than the internet car buying services for good cars that we want to buy, though please be aware that their tactic has always been to quote good prices online which the staff are on commission to chip down when you take the car to them. They use the fact you expect to leave the car on that visit to take advantage of you, something we find immoral