Q-What do I need to do to view a car?

Q - How can I pay?
A - UNFORTUNATELY WE NO LONGER OFFER PAYMENT BY DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD AS THE VOLUME OF TRANSACTIONS DIDN'T JUSTIFY THE FIXED COSTS AND HAVE NO IMMEDIATE PLANS TO DO SO. We now only accept payment by electronic transfer direct to our business bank account by the FASTER PAYMENTS method - we do not accept international payments which will be refunded and any foreign exchange costs incurred will be the sole responsbility of the sender. Faster Payments are free of charge but can take a few hours to clear though many are often instant. PAYMENT NEEDS TO CLEAR BEFORE THE VEHICLE IS RELEASED WHICH CAN TAKE ONE WORKING DAY SO IT'S BEST TO MAKE THE PAYMENT IN ADVANCE OF THE COLLECTION DATE - WE HAVE BEEN TRADING SINCE 2002 SO WE AREN'T GOING TO VANISH OVERNIGHT. PAYMENT NEEDS TO COME FROM THE ACCOUNT OF THE BUYER AND PHOTO ID WILL BE REQUIRED TO CONFIRM IDENTITY. Contrary to popular belief, cash does not make a difference and in fact it costs 2% to bank it so I'd rather not take it and if I do I can only take up to £9000 due to anti-money laundering regulations and over £3000 will be subject to a 2% handling charge.

Q-Do I need to provide any ID?
A- In all cases we now need to take a photocopy of the buyer's photocard driving licence on arrival. If other parties are to drive, we also need to do the same for them.

Q-Can I pay for a car in full without viewing and have it delivered or collected by someone else?
A-For security reasons we don't allow this. In certain cases where our security measures have been met, we may allow a third party to collect once the buyer has viewed the car at our premises and paid in full.

Q-Can I pay a deposit and have a car delivered to me?
A-Yes though this is at our discretion, please contact us for more details PLEASE READ OUR COVID-19 PAGE HERE

Q-Can I buy a car and export it overseas e.g. Republic of Ireland?
A-Unfortunately as of January 2020 we no longer sell vehicles for export to any country due to security issues. If you are an exisiting customer then we may make an exception.

Q- What's the best price you can do?
A-Our cars need to be competitively priced but price should not be the ultimate priority if you are buying a used car where condition is often hugely variable and our cars are usually some of the best. The difference that can be asked between a good car and a bad one actually isn't that great so paying a bit more can often get you a much better car. We don't actually sell that many cars due to being so selective over what we buy and how we prepare it so we do need to get close to our asking price in most cases which we are confident still provides best value to the right customer who appreciates quality. And it doesn't end once you have bought the car as I'm always there for advice and assistance for as long as you own a car bought from us which can save you money in the longer term, for example we offer free VCDS diagnostic checks to customers even outside any warranty period, try getting that from a main dealer...

Q - Do you offer finance?
A - Yes, please contact Motion Finance for very competitive rates and very efficient service by clicking here.

Q - Can I call round any time to see a car or do I need to make an appointment?
A - As Volkswizard is a one man operation, it is impossible for someone to be on site at all times. As a result all viewing must be by appointment but this does have the advantage of offering flexibility - see below. For security, vehicle documents and keys are not kept on site so please call ideally at least a day in advance to ensure everything is prepared for your arrival - I like to be professional and efficient and this is almost impossible to achieve without viewings being by appointment - I know this is unusual in the motor trade but then so is good service!

Q - What times are you open for viewings/test drives?
A - As I appreciate it is sometimes difficult for buyers to fit viewing cars into the working week, Monday-Saturday I can be very flexible and try to accommodate most requests though Sunday viewings are not possible as I need a day off to maintain my sanity. The only condition is that outside normal opening hours (Mon-Fri after 6pm , Sat after 1pm) the revving of engines on site and any other noisy activities will not be possible as this may disturb our neighbours in the residential homes that surround the site.

Q - Where do you source your cars from?
A - Many of my cars come in part exchange as we actively encourage this for good cars - contrary to what We Buy Any Car say, (if you have a good car) no way will you get a better deal selling your part exchange to them and trying to do a deal without it.
Another good source is valued past customers (we've been in business for since 2002 so have some great people on our books) or from private sellers who contact me via this web site or have seen our YouTube videos. More often than not they don't have the time to go through the process of selling privately and are happy to accept my offer which is usually far more than the usual internet car buying service price as I value cars on an individual basis (I recently paid £500 more for a car than We Buy Any Car's supposedly 'fair' price (£1700 vs £2200). I am not a big fan of buying at auction as it's just not good value any more with hefty buying fees and other dealers recklessly buying cars with other peoples' money. Bigger dealers have no choice but to buy from auction to keep their stock levels up and often do so 'blind' via online bidding which can be hit and miss. (We bought zero vehicles at auction during 2016/17 financial year)

Q - Do you have business premises or do you work from home?
A - Volkswizard does have business premises. With this web site acting as my forecourt, a roadside plot with all its associated overheads and security risks was not deemed necessary. Instead a 2000 sq ft storage unit was leased with room for up to 14 cars indoors and when necessary, 12 cars outdoors. In fact more and more long established traders are giving up their forecourts to work in the same way. There is also a well equipped workshop with 2 post vehicle hoist in which cars are inspected and serviced as required before sale.

Q - I live a long distance away, can you bring the car and meet me halfway?
A - I know a lot of dealers may do this but it's too much of a security risk these days and you wont get to see the car with a cold engine or clean. Instead we do offer far more information on the vehicles we sell via this web site which should reassure you that the journey will be worthwhile.

Q - If you don't have the car in stock that I am looking for, can you take my details and call me if you get one?
A - Unfortunately we don't have the time to do this at the moment. We'd prefer to buy any good car from the VW Group rather than spend a lot of time finding a particular car as it's usually impossible to find the right car in the right condition at the right price if you go looking specifically for it.

Q - Do you own the cars and hold them in stock or are they for sale on behalf of their owners?
A - In almost all cases, cars are Volkswizard property and not sold on behalf of anyone (known as Sale or Return) - the reason this is important for buyers to ascertain is because cars sold on behalf of private individuals are seen as a private sale so buyers will have little or no redress. On the rare occasions we do agree to sell a carefully selected car on behalf of someone it will be stated clearly.

Q - Are the cars parked outside so I can have a quick look even when you are closed?
A - Our premises are based on a very secure site which is completely inaccessible to the public outside of appointment times. Unfortunately these days, security is more important than the ability for potential customers to be able to walkaround the cars and our insurance policy terms and conditions reflect this.

Q - Will I be insured during a test drive?
A - As long as I am in the passenger seat and you hold a valid driving licence and drive safely and within the law then yes.

Q - Can I test drive a car if it doesn't have any valid road tax?
A - As from 1/10/14 no cars held by the motor trade will be taxed. As a result anybody selling cars that aren't registered to them (i.e. any motor trader) must drive them on trade plates including when on demonstration purposes to comply with the law. In 2002 my motor trader status was accepted by the DVLA and I have since had the privilege of holding 'trade plates' .

Q - If it's raining and/or dark, is it possible to see the car indoors and dry?
A - Yes it is usually possible, in most circumstances cars will be presented for viewing with dry bodywork and cold engines, indoors or outdoors weather permitting. During 2011 improvements to the premises' lighting were carried out so night time viewings now allow for a fair assessment of bodywork. Please note some cheaper cars are stored outdoors so may have to be presented outside too if we don't have much notice of viewings.

Q - Where are you based?
A - Volkswizard is based in North Worcestershire in a rural outlying suburb to the south of Birmingham called 'Wythall' (only postally does it come under Birmingham). This location was chosen because it is close to the motorway network (our customers come from all over the UK) and because there are excellent uncongested test drive roads close by with no fixed speed cameras (speed limits should always be observed but it's easy to exceed them when driving an unfamiliar car for the first time). Directions to our premises from J3 M42 available here

Q - Do you offer a warranty?
A - The consumer has certain statutory rights when buying a used car which I am fully aware of and always comply with. What these cover depends on the age of the car, mileage covered and the price paid and will certainly exclude wear and tear items such as clutches and exhaust sections. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT IN THE EVENT OF A PROBLEM, YOU CONTACT US FIRST AS WE WONT PAY FOR REPAIRS BY OTHER GARAGES THAT WE HAVEN'T APPROVED IN ADVANCE. It is worth remembering that there is a significant amount of protection available to those who buy from established motor traders rather than buying privately where there is zero comeback so it's always worth paying a little extra especially from a dealer who values their reputation like I do. UPDATE JAN 2016 - WE NOW OFFER SUPERB WARRANTYWISE WARRANTIES ON MOST OF OUR CARS, ASK FOR MORE DETAILS.

Q - Can I leave a deposit to secure the car?

Q - Can I secure a car with a deposit over the phone prior to viewing it?

Q - I am a car dealer and want to buy a car you are selling, can I buy it?
A - Unfortunately we current don't trade any vehicles even at the asking price.

Q - The car I have purchased in untaxed, can you tax it for me before I collect?
A - On 1/10/14 road tax rules changed and from that date a tax disc no longer needs to be displayed. Another change was that cars can not be sold with any road tax and the new owner will need to tax the car before driving away. This can be done online in advance of collection or even on collection using the reference number from the new keeper's supplement section of the V5 logbook. Car must have a valid MOT but don't at present need to be on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) - insurance is of course required however.

Q - Do you offer part exchange facilities?
A - Yes indeed, I am usually very happy to take any good VW Group vehicle with FSH in part exchange and prices are always fair. However taking any other makes would really depend on what I am selling and what exactly you would like to px, enquiries are very welcome and there is usually no problem taking good small cars up to £3000 of any make as long as the car you want to buy is over £5000. Please fill in the px form accessible via the 'Contact Us' page link below.

Q - Can you service my car?
A - Unfortunately running a workshop efficiently while at the same time sourcing, preparing and selling good cars are 2 opposing tasks and impossible for one person to manage successfully so while we did attempt to do this for a trial period, we decided it was a better use of our time to concentrate on sales which is what got us into this business in the first place and is where our passion lies. However the experience we gained from doing this helps us offer a superior sales service thanks to a full equipped workshop in which cars are inspected and serviced before sale.

Q - Can you recommend a workshop?
A - It's not easy to recommend someone to work on your car as from experience they will eventually do something to destroy your faith in them. However we can whole heartedly recommend Audi Driver magazine Gold Award winners for service, APS of Brackley www.autops.co.uk who perform some of our more complicated jobs and also JKM Performance of Portsmouth. For more local customers we can recommend mobile mechanic Mitchell Docker who has good experience of VW Group vehicles and does a lot of work for us.