How we at Volkswizard are working under social distancing rules and minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19

After over 2 months of closure due to the COVID-19 lockdown, from 1/6/2020 the government is allowing car showrooms to reopen again. We at Volkswizard have never worked like the big dealers and this stands us in good stead when it comes to conforming to the new way of working.

Having had two elderly relatives admitted to hospital and diagnosed with COVID-19 (they have thankfully recovered) since lockdown was invoked in March we take the risk of COVID-19 infection very seriously.

Our biggest advantage over bigger dealers is that we don't have numerous people hopping in and out of cars and potentially contaminating them, in nearly all cases there will have only been one person within the car in the 7 days before the appointment which is sufficient time for the virus to die off. This along with our social distancing and sanitising processes outlined below should offer peace of mind to buyers.

Our insurer doesn't allow unaccompanied test drives so as of 14/7/2020 we have decided, should the buyer wish, to allow test drives subject to the following additional rules:

  • the buyer must wear a face covering that they have supplied which covers nose and mouth and must not inhibit their ability to drive safely
  • only one person (plus us) in the car and only one test drive in total per visit
  • windows will need to be open to some degree


We now no longer hold cars unless a £500 deposit has been received (must be sent by bank transfer/Faster Payments not card). Apart from in exceptional circumstances, this is not refundable and will reserve the car for no more than 3 days at which point we will require full payment or the car will be back on sale, this is non-negotiable. As we have to collect cars from all around the UK we appreciate this can take some planning so we are happy for buyers to postpone collection by a further 2 weeks after full payment has been made.
If you'd rather view first then we totally understand and we will happily book an appointment on this basis but there is a possibility the car will be reserved by someone else in the meantime, though we won't allow this to happen on the day of your appointment so you don't have a wasted journey.

Please do not visit us if you exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (new and persistent cough, high temperature, loss or change to sense of smell or taste).

We will require a name, email address and mobile phone number for an appointment to be made.

We have always worked on a "by appointment" basis because we can't be on site all the time, as good cars take some finding and this will continue in order to control the number of visitors on site at any one time. Even though we do our best to make it clear we only offer viewings by appointment, occasionally visitors arrive unannounced which isn't normally too much of an issue but because of the need to maintain social distancing we have to minimise the risk of this occurring while those with an appointment are on site. In order to do this the gates to our site will remain closed until ten minutes before the time of appointment so please aim to be on time or if anything, slightly late. If you need to come significantly earlier than arranged, please call to let us know as soon as you think this might be the case and we should be able to accommodate you as long as there is no overlap with an earlier appointment.

We request all visitors maintain 2 metres distance from others while on site and on arrival either wash their hands with the anti-bacterial liquid soap and warm water we provide or use our or their own hand sanitiser to prevent the risk of contaminating the vehicle they have come to view when opening doors etc. Alternatively the wearing of gloves is recommended.

As well as our usual careful preparation of cars for viewings we will, just prior to the time of the appointment, clean the contact points of the vehicle (steering wheel, interior and exterior door handles, switches, keys) with anti-bacterial wipes. This may leave smears in these areas, which we normally go to great lengths to avoid but please forgive us on this occasion.

When the weather permits, viewing of vehicles will take place in the open air which is normal practice for us. While buyers are now able to enter our premises there should be no need to do this as long as the weather is suitable. If it's raining then the car will be presented indoors.

Payment should be made directly to our bank account via bank transfer though if you wish to pay in cash to any degree, please let us know in advance. Please check carefully that you are using the bank details we have provided (which will never change) and if you wish to perform the transfer at our premises, please ensure you have all the equipment required including code devices and passwords. We can provide wifi but can not provide devices.

In order to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19, the buyer's receipt and other relevant documentation (warranty, HPI certificate) will be despatched by email before the buyer departs. We request buyer's acknowledge receipt of this by stating via email that they agree to the information held within it before they depart - this is instead of printing and signing a receipt. If the buyer doesn't have access to a mobile device, the receipt will be printed and the seller should sign it using their own pen, or in the absence of this, a pen which we will supply which will have been sanitised.

If the vehicle is supplied with any additional paperwork, we are happy to show you this before placing it in a sealed envelope where it should remain for a minimum of seven days.

We are unable to provide refreshments of any sort.

If a face covering is worn we can provide lifts to and from train stations/airports/bus stops etc

We are unable to offer any delivery service unless a part exchange is involved and then this is at our discretion and any costs will need to be met by the buyer.

Our toilet will be made available and will be sanitised just prior to a customers scheduled arrival.

We look forward to welcoming you to Volkswizard and would like to thank you in advance for complying with these necessary precautions.